Advantages in detail
Protection against blackout
The e-tron charging system connect charges your vehicle with the maximum power available in the home infrastructure, provided a compatible Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is in place. During phases when other electrical consumers are being used in the house, the system automatically reduces the charging power. As soon as the other consumers are switched off, the e-tron charging system connect increases the charging power again to the highest possible level. In this way, the system avoids blackouts caused by overloading the house connection fuse - and still significantly shortens the charging time for your electric car.
Cost optimized charging
When planning the charging process, the system takes into account the current and future prices of your electricity provider. Taking into account the desired departure times, the vehicle is preferably charged at times when you incur the lowest electricity costs. This applies to the period during which the vehicle is connected to the charging system. You can set the desired departure time conveniently in the vehicle or in the myAudi app.
Solar power utilization
If you have your own photovoltaic system, you can optimize the charging process of your e-tron vehicle so that it is charged with as much of your own solar power as possible. A corresponding charging schedule is calculated using sunshine forecasts and the desired departure time. You can set the desired departure time conveniently in the vehicle or in the myAudi app.
Integrated charging energy measurement
The documentation of the charged energy makes it possible to document the energy costs for kilometers driven on business in order to settle them via the employer, if necessary.
PIN protection
The charging system can be protected against unauthorized use by assigning a 4-digit PIN if required.
Software Updates
With the help of software updates, your e-tron charging system connect always remains up to date.