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    Emergency call*

    In the event of a serious accident, the emergency call will be triggered automatically. Personal support will be provided by means of vocal communication in the driver's native language until assistance is available on site. Can also be triggered manually in the case of accidents of other road users or medical emergencies.

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    Online roadside assistance*

    Fast, competent assistance in the case of a breakdown, easy activation via the service call button in the roof module.

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    Audi incident assistance*

    In the event of damage, Audi incident assistance will support you in settling the claim. Specially trained staff are at your disposal.

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    Audi service request*

    Get automatic notifications about any upcoming service needs for your Audi. Save time and benefit thanks to simple and easy appointment scheduling with your repair shop. Your service partner will already have been provided with important vehicle data online.

For more information on the availability of the service in certain vehicles and regions, please contact your Audi partner or refer to the information on the vehicle in question's fittings.