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    Vehicle status*

    Remote access to the vehicle status allows you to easily retrieve a variety of information via the myAudi app from your smartphone. In addition, you will receive information about the current charge status and the remaining electrical range.

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    Driving data*

    Would you like to get an overview of your last few journeys? With the help of the Audi connect "driving data" service, you can retrieve data from your short-term or long-term storage in the myAudi app. For example, you can view data such as the consumption of the electric engine and the average speed.

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    Remote carfinder

    It's quick and easy to locate your parked vehicle thanks to it being displayed in the map of the myAudi App.

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    Remote lock/unlock

    With the myAudi app, you can conveniently lock and unlock your vehicle from any distance. It doesn't matter if you are in the café around the corner or in another city. Thanks to the secure myAudi registration process and assignment of a PIN, your vehicle is protected against unauthorised access.

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    Charging remote control*

    With the myAudi app, both the available range and the charge status can be checked quickly and easily. And the charging process can be started just as conveniently. If necessary, a charging timer can be set.

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    Remote climatization*

    A pleasant temperature can easily be set before starting your journey thanks to remote control of the air conditioning by smartphone.

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    The e-tron route planner*

    Plan your route from the comfort of your home with the myAudi app. If a charging stop is necessary en route, this is automatically factored in. Thanks to the connected online database, even recently installed charging stations are taken into account in the myAudi app.

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    Charging stations*

    Everything in view at all times: even on long journeys, always have sight of all the charging stations along your route.

For more information on the availability of the service in certain vehicles and regions, please contact your Audi partner or refer to the information on the vehicle in question's fittings.