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    Traffic Light Information online*

    Efficient, safe and forward-thinking: the Audi connect Traffic Light Information online service helps you to avoid unnecessary stop-and-go traffic by showing you the optimum speed to reach the next green traffic light.

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    Manage your journeys easily: The digital Audi connect service logbook allows you to record journeys separately according to private and business/professional categories. The logbook learns independently and via the driver's previous entries, e.g. regular meetings, events and comments.

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    Hazard alerts*

    The system warns of accident and breakdown points as well as of dangerous weather conditions such as fog or black ice. At the same time, hazard points for vehicles with analogous vehicle sensors are detected and relayed to other drivers online. The identified potential risks are displayed in the navigation system and in the instrument cluster.

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    Online points of interest*

    Direct access from out of the navigation system to POIs (e.g., filling stations and car park buildings) from third-party providers. If necessary, additional dynamic information such as ratings and opening hours, current petrol prices, and availability of parking spaces is displayed.

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    Online navigation map update*

    Updates navigation data quickly via the infotainment system, offers optional country-specific and regional updates, provides information about newly available data and their installation size.

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    myAudi navigation*

    Destination search and route guidance at any time directly from your smartphone. The route guidance is seamlessly and conveniently transferred to the vehicle navigation system when the vehicle is started and continued there. When leaving the vehicle, the smartphone automatically takes over the route guidance and leads you along the last steps until your destination.

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    Online traffic information*

    Provides you with clear, up-to-date information about the traffic situation, congestion, hindrances, and dissipation of traffic jams. Makes traffic data available in near real-time and optimises dynamic navigation, the route and duration based on traffic conditions.

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    Destination input via myAudi*

    Set you personal destinations anywhere, anytime. Plan your navigation destinations at your convenience on your PC or smartphone, then use myAudi and the myAudi app to send your individual navigation destinations to the vehicle. When you get in, these can be easily adopted as your destination.

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    Online news*

    Online news allows current reports and news from all over the world to be displayed and read directly in the vehicle. If required, the personal news overview can be customised via myAudi using an RSS feed. This way, news on specific topics such as football results, political news or business news can be kept in view while driving.

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    Online media streaming*

    With the myAudi app available for smartphones, selected streaming content can be played back via the MMI. Simply pair your own smartphone with the MMI navigation system via Wi-Fi and access a comprehensive range of worldwide radio stations as well as content from third-party providers (e.g., Amazon Music or Napster). The stations can be selected by musical genre or using a free text search.

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    Weather information*

    Know what the weather will be like, no matter where the journey leads. Audi connect delivers precisely tailored information: weather forecasts and severe weather warnings are presented using vivid infographics and weather maps. So the weather for the next few days can be predicted to the hour or displayed with the help of the rain radar.

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    Online traffic sign information*

    With Audi connect traffic sign information, the current speed limit is always displayed in the MMI navigation system. In combination with the optional camera-based traffic sign recognition feature, speed limit displays are automatically detected by the vehicle's sensors and transmitted anonymously to an Audi server to update the map material.

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    Access to calendar*

    Keep on top of your appointments while driving. Conveniently display your appointments on your MMI and easily adopt them as navigation destinations.

For more information on the availability of the service in certain vehicles and regions, please contact your Audi partner or refer to the information on the vehicle in question's fittings.