Audi DataPlug

What is an Audi DataPlug?
The Audi DataPlug is an OBD (on-board diagnostics) connector which is plugged into the diagnostics port (OBD2 interface) of your Audi. It collects various information during your journey and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The information provides you with details about your driving style and the vehicle status, for example.
With which vehicles is my Audi DataPlug compatible?
Audi connect plug and play is compatible with many new and used Audi vehicles manufactured as of 2008. More information about the compatibility of our Audi models is available here on our Audi connect plug and play homepage or from your Audi partner.
How long does it take to connect the smartphone to the Audi DataPlug and do I have to do this every time?
After successfully connecting your smartphone to the Audi DataPlug for the first time, it should normally take no more than 5 seconds to re-establish the Bluetooth connection every time.
Does the Audi DataPlug send data even when the engine is not running but the ignition is on?
The Audi DataPlug sends data to your smartphone as soon as the ignition of your vehicle is switched on.
Can I connect other devices to my vehicle via Bluetooth at the same time as the Audi DataPlug?
When a connection is active, you have the option of connecting other devices (e.g. a hands-free system) to your vehicle.
How do I remove a Audi DataPlug from my vehicle?
To do this, simply switch off your Audi and pull the Audi DataPlug out of the OBD2 interface.
Can I connect an additional/new smartphone to the Audi DataPlug?
Only one smartphone can be connected at any one time. But you can always terminate the currently active connection and connect a new/different smartphone (in the same way as for the initial setup).

Please note: If several connected smartphones are present in the vehicle, the system will usually connect to the smartphone that is closest to the Audi DataPlug.
If I am sharing the Audi DataPlug with several people, can the individual users see each other's data?
Each user can only see the data that was sent to their respective smartphone.
Can I also use a data plug from a different manufacturer to use Audi connect plug and play?
The services of the Audi connect plug and play app work only in combination with the appropriate Audi DataPlug from AUDI AG.
Where in the vehicle do I plug in the Audi DataPlug?
You can plug the Audi DataPlug into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. On most models, the port is located below the steering wheel in the footwell (near the pedals) on the left side (on the right side for right-hand drive vehicles). It is a purple part that has the same outline as the Audi DataPlug. If you have any questions, please contact Audi Customer Service or your Audi partner.
Does my Audi DataPlug use any power while my vehicle is switched off?
The Audi DataPlug switches off as soon as the vehicle has been parked and the ignition has been switched off so that the vehicle battery is not used.
How does the automatic update for the Audi DataPlug work?
After your app has been updated, a message appears on the lock screen and a pop-up message is shown in the app. When the app connects to your vehicle after the update, the software of your Audi DataPlug will be updated automatically. To successfully complete the software update, your vehicle has to be stationary with the ignition switched on for the duration of the update. If the automatic update of the Audi DataPlug does not work, you have the option to manually start the software update under "Settings" -> "DataPlug" -> "Software update". The software update for your Audi DataPlug can take up to one minute. After the update, you will usually receive a message on your smartphone that the update was successful. You can now use the app functions as normal.