Driving style

What does the "Driving style" function comprise?
The "Driving style" function records your driving data (engine speed, acceleration, braking, vehicle speed and coolant temperature) and uses it to calculate your efficient driving style as a percentage. If you have connected your electric vehicle with Audi connect plug and play, your efficient driving style is calculated from the three parameters acceleration, braking and speed.
Where can I see my driving data?
You can view your driving data by selecting a journey in the "Journeys" menu and then clicking directly on the percentage. The different parameters will be displayed.
Can I have my driving data reset/deleted?
You can carry out a reset/delete in the journey management.
Is it possible to have several driving profiles on one device, for example, if the vehicle is used by several people?
Sorry, but that is technically not possible. Only the vehicle profile that is connected to the Audi DataPlug is recorded on the device.
Can I download my driving data or publish it on social media?
You can export your driving data. You can also publish your journeys as well as your points status, your completed challenges, a newly awarded status (silver, gold, etc.) and the efficient driving style percentage on social networks/platforms.
How are my points for efficient driving style calculated?
Your points for efficient driving style result from the number of miles driven and the percentage of efficient driving style. The more miles you drive with an efficient driving style of, for example, 90%, the more points you will receive for the journey. The better your percentage with the same number of miles, the more points you will receive for your journey.
Why does my recorded journey on the map sometimes not match up exactly with the roads?
Perhaps the GPS signal is deactivated on your mobile phone. First, check that the GPS signal is activated on your smartphone and in the settings of the Audi connect plug and play app. Both signals have to be activated for the journeys to be recorded correctly. In addition to this, the signal can be affected in areas with poor coverage (e.g. underground parking), causing the recording to be incorrect.

It is also possible that the GPS signal of your smartphone is affected or disabled because battery-saving mode is active on your smartphone. Therefore, always use your smartphone in normal mode without battery-saving mode to achieve optimum recording of your journeys.
When will my journey end?
Your journey ends depending on which setting you have made for automatic ending of a journey. If it is set to 90 min, the journey will end 90 min after you have switched off your vehicle. If it is set to 0 min, the journey will end immediately after you have switched off the vehicle.
Can I end my current journey myself at any time?
You can end your current journey at any time with the "End trip" button. Especially if you have set automatic ending of a journey to, for example, 90 min, you can end the journey directly after switching off the vehicle. Please observe the national road traffic regulations.
Can I add journeys manually?
You can add journeys manually to the journey overview. To do this, select "Add journey" in the "Journeys" menu item and enter the date of your journey. Manually added journeys can be edited at any time later on.
Will I receive all the usual driving data for a manually added journey?
As manually added journeys were not recorded by your Audi DataPlug, there will be no values for efficient driving style available. You can therefore also not receive any points for the journey. Also, the duration/standing time, average speed and maximum speed will not be displayed for a manually added journey because this data is not available.