Fuel monitor

What does the "Fuel monitor" function comprise?
The "Fuel monitor" function usually detects refuelling automatically, but you can also add refuelling manually. The detailed view of a refuelling shows different information such as the time, the mileage, the litres of fuel purchased, the total price and the price per litre.
How does the Audi connect plug and play app detect refuelling, especially as my vehicle is switched off while refuelling?
Audi connect plug and play detects a difference in the tank fill level and can therefore measure the refuelled volume. The Audi DataPlug sends the information about the tank fill level of your vehicle to the app as soon as you start your Audi. You will then be asked if you want to record the process.
Do I have the option of entering the corresponding price for the respective refuelling to keep an eye on costs?
You can enter information such as the fuel price and miles driven in the Audi connect plug and play app to keep an eye on your costs.
How many refuelling instances will be shown?
All refuelling instances you made and saved while using the Audi DataPlug and the app will be shown in the history.
Can I enter a location, e.g. petrol station XY?
You can enter the name of the petrol station. The Audi connect plug and play app usually enters the address automatically.