My Audi

What does the "My Audi" function comprise?
"My Audi" shows you information about your vehicle, e.g. the mileage, the battery voltage, the VIN of your vehicle and a few other vehicle details such as the model year, engine type, transmission type, powertrain, etc. You can also record the date of first registration and the date of the next statutory vehicle inspection.
What if the Audi connect plug and play app shows a warning message but my vehicle does not (or vice versa)?
The warning messages and indicator lamps in the vehicle are decisive. If the displayed information is contradictory, you can check if the connection between the Audi DataPlug and your smartphone is active or visit an Audi partner.

If the problem persists, please contact Audi Customer Service or your Audi partner's service adviser.
Which settings can I make under the "My tyres" item?
You can add the tyres for your vehicle under the "My tyres" item. First, you can set the tyre type. Then you can retrieve the tyre in the app and enter the manufacturer, mileage and date of manufacture and make and enter a tyre change appointment.
Does my vehicle send the current information continuously?
While the ignition is on and you are within reach of the Bluetooth connection, the information is current. As soon as the ignition is switched off or there is no longer any connection to your smartphone, the information stays at the last saved value.

So if you have not started your vehicle for 5 days, for example, the data will also be 5 days old.

Please also note the following: Malfunctions on your vehicle which occurred after the vehicle has been switched off will not be recorded.