My challenges

What does the "My challenges" function comprise?
You can complete challenges in the app that are divided into categories (Distance, Discovery, Skill, etc.). Each category contains various challenges. You will be awarded points for your status when you complete a challenge, in addition to efficient driving. Once you complete a challenge, another one will be unlocked. Exception: Discovery category – all challenges in this category have already been unlocked for you.
How do I activate a challenge?
All challenges in the Discovery category have already been unlocked for your country. For the other categories, click on an unlocked challenge before your journey and then click to activate it.
Can I pause a challenge to drive a different one?
You can pause any activated challenge and start a different challenge instead. The progress of the paused challenge is retained, and you can pick up this challenge again at a later time.
How many challenges can I activate at the same time?
You can activate up to three challenges at the same time. In addition, all challenges in the Discovery category are automatically active for you in the background. As only three challenges can be active at the same time, you have the option of pausing active challenges and picking them up again later on in order to complete other challenges in the meantime.
Can I directly unlock and drive locked challenges?
Complete challenges to unlock additional challenges. Alternatively, you can use your collected points to unlock and activate your desired challenge.
What can I do with the points?
The more points, the higher your status. Use the points and unlock locked challenges.