Parking location

What does the "Parking space" function comprise?
With the "Parking space" function, you can store, display and share your latest parking space. You can view your parking time so that you always know when your parking time has elapsed, for example. Moreover, you can have the app help you navigate to your parking location or share your parking location via WhatsApp or SMS.
Can other people see my parking location?
As long as you do not publish or send your parking location using the "Share" function, the location can only be viewed by you as the user of the app.
How accurate is the information (in feet)?
In principle, you can assume an accuracy of approx. 16 – 32 ft based on GPS technology. This can be influenced by different factors, however, so that an exact location information cannot be guaranteed. In underground car parks, for example, the GPS is often impaired by the thickness of the walls.