Service appointments

What does the "Service appointments" function comprise?
You can use the "Service appointments" function to display all Audi partners (the one closest to you will be shown automatically), search for Audi partners, show their contact including phone number and have the app navigate to the selected partner. You can also send your appointment requests to your Audi partner manually and manage them in the menu. Please observe the national road traffic regulations.
Can I also search for independent workshops?
You can only use the Audi connect plug and play app to search for official Audi partners.
How does Audi connect plug and play know where I am?
The app usually remembers your last location automatically. So you can let the app guide you to your car, or share the GPS coordinates with your friends.
Can I also see the opening hours of the selected Audi partner?
The opening hours of the Audi partners are currently not yet stored.
When I make a call, is this made through the smartphone as normal or through the app, using my data volume?
You make the phone call as a regular phone call. Your data volume is not used for this.
How can I change my Audi partner for the individual vehicle?
You can select a separate Audi partner for each of your vehicle profiles.

To do this, go to "Settings" -> "Vehicle profiles" -> "Vehicle management" and select the vehicle for which you want to change the Audi partner.

You can then set an Audi partner for the selected vehicle in the "Audi partner" menu. Please note that you can only change your vehicle profile if no vehicle is connected to the Audi DataPlug.
What happens to my appointment requests if I change my preferred Audi partner?
Your appointment requests with your previous partner will remain in place. New requests will be sent to your new Audi partner.
Can I cancel appointments with my Audi partner from the app?
This function is currently not supported. To cancel an appointment, you have to contact your Audi partner directly.
How do I get feedback about an appointment request from my preferred Audi partner?
Your Audi partner will call you or send you an email to make an appointment. After you have made an appointment, you can enter it in the app.
Can I transfer my appointments to my device calendar?
To transfer your appointments to your device calendar, you need to give the Audi connect plug and play app permission to access your device calendar after entering the appointment. A subsequent change to the appointment will not automatically be applied to the device calendar.