Service leads

What are service leads?
Service leads are appointment requests to your Audi partner which can be triggered manually or automatically through your app. If the app shows you a warning, for example, you can directly send an appointment request. You Audi partner will then contact you and suggest a date for your appointment.
For which functions in the app can I generate service leads?
If your app shows yellow warnings in the "Audi connect plug and play" menu (to make a service appointment) or if you need to contact your Audi partner regarding tyres or battery voltage (e.g. to make an appointment for tyres or the battery), you can send service leads to your preferred Audi partner.

Note: If a red warning is shown, the number of our breakdown service will be shown directly in the app. It is not possible to generate a service lead in this case.
Can I select whether I want to make automatic or manual requests?
In the settings, you can change between manual and automatic at any time. Requests for inspection service and oil service can be sent automatically. Yellow warnings can only be requested manually by you.
Can I send a request independently of the service interval or a tyre appointment?
You can send a service lead to your preferred Audi partner under "Service appointments" at any time.
How can I see that an automatic service lead was sent?
A notification will be shown on your smartphone as soon as an automatic appointment request has been generated.