Flight information

Arriving at the airport on time to check-in or pick up someone can be achieved with the flight info service from Audi connect. Online flights, arrivals and departures, gates, and delays can be called up at any time – thanks to the search function, it is sufficient to enter the flight number. And the dynamic navigation brings you to the terminal with one click.



  • informs about flight plan changes of selected flights
  • provides information on arrival times and departures
  • helps in the planning of punctual shuttle services to and from the airport


What you need to use Audi connect

  • Audi connect Navigation and Infotainment option
  • with integrated SIM card (for A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7)
  • with its own SIM card (A1, A6, A7, A8, Q3, TT, R8)


What is the search radius of the flight information?
The search radius can be re-selected with each search. Available: at the current location, at the destination, or at a freely selected location.
What search categories are available for flight information?
There are two search categories to choose from. These are airport and flight number. In addition, it is possible to filter between arrivals and departures at this airport when looking for an airport.
What search results are provided?
Independent of the selected search, flight information provides the arrival and departure times of a flight, its start and destination airport, flight number, and the current status. If a flight is delayed or is lost, this is indicated by traffic light symbols.