myAudi special destinations

Create a personal street map and install special destinations. For example doctor's addresses, shopping centres, or locations of ATMs. Create your personal special destination list on the PC, and import it via the SD card or online into the Audi navigation. In the future, you will be able to reach your individual desired destinations more quickly.



  • special destinations can be recorded and managed at home on the PC or with the smartphone
  • uncomplicated import of personal destinations into the car online or via SD card
  • fast route guidance in the car to the individually important addresses


What you need to use Audi connect

  • Audi connect Navigation and Infotainment option
  • with integrated SIM card (with A3, A4, A5, Q7)
  • with its own SIM card (A6, A7, TT, R8)
  • external SD card, unless the data are uploaded to Audi online
  • Account with myAudi with registration and verification
  • Storage of special destinations on myAudi
  • Activation of special destinations in map view