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Navigation with Google Earth™

The great overview – you navigate by to the destination the satellite view and 3D photos. With Google Earth™, you will see the lay of the land in your display. Including terrain information, street names, and businesses. And: The system accesses the images of the route in advance – your selected route is displayed in the navigation view in real-time.



  • gives a clearer overview through realistic satellite images
  • facilitates on-site orientation
  • provides detailed impressions through 360-degree panoramic views


What you need to use Audi connect

  • Audi connect Navigation and Infotainment option
  • with integrated SIM card (for A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7)
  • with its own SIM card (A1, A6, A7, A8, Q3, TT, R8)


Why is the option "Google Earth" greyed out when choosing the map view?
Google Earth™ is only available after the complete system start-up. Google Earth™ can be pre-selected, but the satellite display is not yet visible (indicated by a greyed "Google" in the status line). After fully initialising the system, the display will automatically change to Google Earth™. The progress of initialising the Google Earth™ map is indicated by the "filling" of the Google icon in the status line. When Google Earth™ is fully loaded, this is indicated by the white colour of the icon.
Why does the display of 3D images change to the 2D view when going through a tunnel?
When passing through a tunnel, the satellite signals are either weak or not at all receivable, which is why the navigation automatically changes to the 2D view.